Fish Tales & Coyote Stories = HIER DIE ÜBERSETZUNG = ENGLISCHSPRACHIGE VERSION = USA-Stories = Gudrun Tossing = ISBN 978-3-939832-60-7

Two Germans in the Wild, Wild West

American English (AmE) Edition


Travel books about the United States of America often focus on the mighty space, the grandeur of landscapes and sceneries, their multiplicity and fascination – America the Beautiful. And all of it is true.

However, in this charming and amusing book, you will find even more; all the little stories and tales which happen on the sidelines of everyday life, on the fringes of society, and within or surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

All the different characters of people who appear, communicate and then pass by. Events which happen by chance or accident, through fate or even bad luck. They all give the US visitor more than a glimpse into the culture and natural beauty of the country.

What you can expect are vanishing rivers, mystic encounters with legends from the Old West, trash turned to treasure, and park rangers who expect you to do odd things. Yes, of course, you also find the fish stories.

Yarns are spun from the coasts to the hot deserts where the coyotes tell you their tales. Well, there will be some trouble with the police as well. It is the small clash of cultures which makes you reflect, remember, and, in the end, smile.

You hear about all the crazy things you inevitably encounter traveling in and around Link the United States of America.

It is all written with deep and warm sympathy for the people of this amazing country and, of course, with a good sense of humor and sophisticated irony as well.

Come on; read it and love it!